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de Productos Petrolíferos

Public Law Corporation
under the aegis of the
Ministry for the
Ecological Transition and
the Demographic Challenge

Legal Notice and protection of personal data


The website of the CORPORACIÓN DE RESERVAS ESTRATÉGICAS DE PRODUCTOS PETROLÍFEROS (hereinafter CORES or the Corporation), an entity founded under Royal Decree 2111/1994, of 28th October, regulated by Law 34/1998, of 7th October and Royal Decree 1716/2004, of 23rd July.

All the information and documents provided by CORES via its website correspond to its statutory functions, as defined under the aforementioned regulations.

CORES informs you that access and use of the internet pages, y and all the sections included in the latter (hereinafter collectively known as the website), as well as the services, documents and contents available via the website, including those provided on the area reserved for members, are subject to the terms and conditions specified within this Legal Notice.

We would kindly ask you to read the following general conditions. By logging on to this site or any of its pages you will be considered as a user and it will be presumed that you accept these General Conditions. Access to any of the pages on this website may be restricted by the Laws and legal stipulations of the various national jurisdictions. 

Access to the reserved areas of the website will only be authorized in accordance with the special conditions indicated for each section and, as applicable, through compliance with the specific access requirements in each case. 


2.1 Use and functioning of the website

Registration or access as a user of the CORES website, and specifically the area known as “Infocores” reserved for members, will not entitle the said user to any rights, or represent any liability on the part of the Corporation, in the event of malfunction of the same or the telematic networks or computer systems employed by the user for the said access.   

Likewise, CORES cannot guarantee that the design of the website, its content and sections or the programming of the same are compatible with any browser, operative system or in general any information technology equipment or device which the user may decide to use in order to access the website.   

2.2 Content

CORES has obtained the information and materials included on the website from sources considered reliable. However, although every reasonable measure has been taken to ensure that the information contained is correct via the strict application of quality control procedures, CORES cannot guarantee that it is exact, complete or fully updated. CORES expressly declines any responsibility for errors or omissions in the information contained on the pages of this website.

CORES reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the content of the website, its links or the information obtained from it, without prior warning. 

In no event will CORES, its Management Board, Executive Team, employees or authorized personnel be held responsible for any loss, damages, claims or costs of any type, whether resulting or not from use of the website, information obtained or accessed therein, computer viruses, operative faults or interruptions in service or transmission, or faults on the line; the use of the website, either by direct connection, via links or other methods, constitutes a warning to all users that such possibilities may occur. 

The transmission or sending of any illegal or illicit content, computer viruses or messages which, in general, affect or violate the rights of CORES or third parties is strictly prohibited.  

CORES will not be held responsible for any external websites which may be accessed via links or for any other content made available by third parties.  

2.3. Information on the oil and gas sector

This website does not claim to offer any type of recommendation in regard to the oil and gas sector or advice on legal, tax, regulatory or other matters and none of the information should be taken as the basis for decision making. Likewise, all the information contained on this website is published for general use, in accordance with the statutory functions of CORES, and does not take into account any specific objectives or requirements corresponding to any Individual or Entity.  

The content of this website is designed solely for informative purposes. 

2.4. Third party information

CORES may include on the website reports and/or documentation provided by third parties, with their due permission where applicable. CORES will not accept responsibility for any losses or damages, either direct or induced, as a result of the use of the said publications or reports.  

All content and information from third parties remains the intellectual property of the latter, or others as applicable, and as such may not be reproduced, distributed or published by the recipient whatever the purpose. 


This website is the property of the CORPORACIÓN DE RESERVAS ESTRATÉGICAS DE PRODUCTOS PETROLÍFEROS (CORES). All rights of intellectual property as well as the rights of exploitation and reproduction in relation to this website, its pages, screens, the information contained within, its appearance and design, as well as the hyperlinks to other websites, are the exclusive property of the Corporation except where specified to the contrary. All the names, designs and/or logos on the site are duly registered trademarks. Any unauthorized use of the same by persons other than their legitimate owner may result in prosecution under the terms of current legislation. The rights of intellectual property and the trademarks of third parties are identified and should likewise be respected by all those accessing the website. All reproduction, transmission, modification or erasure of the information, content or warnings on this website without the prior written permission of CORES is prohibited. 

Given that the base information used by CORES in the production of the reports offered on its website comes from a variety of sources, CORES will only authorize the use of original CORES content provided on this website which, in all events, will be subject to the following conditions:  

  • Any distortion of the sense of the information will be expressly prohibited, and CORES will not therefore accept any responsibility deriving from an interpretation of the same, its use as an indicator of economic trends, those of the energy markets or any other sectors or uses.
  • CORES should always be cited as the source of the information used, whether quoted literally or by reference, and when such information appears in writing it must be followed by the inclusion of the following advice, in a perfectly visible location using the same typographical quality and size as the content citing the data obtained from CORES: Source CORES (; and in cases where the information is used in a non-written format, the CORES source should be mentioned at the end of the same.
  • When the information used refers to a specific date, its use should cite the date of the most recent updating. 
  • In no events should it be implied or inferred from the use of the information that CORES supports, corroborates, confirms, sponsors or in any way agrees with the conclusions of the persons using the said information.  
  • In no event will CORES be responsible for any type of damages caused as a result of the use by third parties of the information provided on the Corporation website.

Any non-authorized use of the information contained on this website, as well as any damage caused to the intellectual and industrial property rights of CORES, may result in legal action and lead to the corresponding claims and liabilities.    


The Corporation has designed a privacy policy, establishing the measures and procedures necessary for its implementation. The Corporation has a strict duty of confidentiality in relation to all individual company data reported to it and which CORES subsequently incorporates into the information, documents and reports published on the website. No access, use, reproduction or copying of individual data from companies or entities will be permitted apart from that which authorizes the user or represents the latter, including cases where such access derives from a malfunction of the website, of the passwords and user names provided by CORES or any other circumstance. As such, the user, through the simple fact of using the website, gives their express agreement to both CORES and any third parties, to refrain from accessing, using, reproducing or copying individual data and information from other companies or entities apart from that which authorizes the user or represents the latter, under their own exclusive responsibility, and in all events holding CORES exempt from any claims for damages or other causes, deriving from the said non-authorized access, use, reproduction or copying.

In compliance with current legislation, the corporation has adopted the technical and organizational measures necessary to maintain the required level of security in relation to all processed data. Likewise, it is equipped with the appropriate available mechanisms to prevent as far as possible all non-authorized access, theft, illicit alterations and loss of data. Regardless of the above we would still recommend maximum diligence in this regard and the use of all the information security tools at your disposal, with the Corporation declining responsibility for any theft, illicit alteration or loss of data.  


5.1.  Data Controller


NIF (Tax code number).: Q-2870025-J

Telephone: 913600910   Fax: 914203945

Postal address: Paseo de la Castellana n.º 79 – Planta 7ª. Madrid (28046)


5.2. Personal data we process at CORES

  • CORES would kindly inform you that we require certain personal data in order that you may contact the Corporation, in the case of contact via the website, or in order to send you the information or publications requested, in the case of the subscription service.
  • In the case of the area restricted to CORES members, or “Infocores”, the said processing of your personal data will be necessary in order for you to present (as the CORES representative of your company) or to read (as reading only user), the information and documentation which your company is obliged to provide to CORES, in accordance with the stipulations of Royal Decree 1716/2004 and its associated regulations, as well as accessing the notifications sent by CORES to your company, and, in general, to maintain the relations between CORES and you company deriving from the aforementioned legislation. In this event, the processing of your personal data will be necessary solely for the purpose of maintaining contact with your company and will not involve any processing purpose related to you as an individual.
  • In the case of personal data processed for the purposes of the subscriptions service and contact via the website the legal basis for data processing is provided by your consent; which you may give by ticking the box “I accept the Legal Advice and Protection of Personal Data Policy”, or similar phrase in the corresponding section.
  • In all events CORES will initially assume that your consent has been given through the act of registering for and requesting the subscriptions service, or by completing and returning the website contact form.
  • The legal basis for the processing of personal data in the area restricted to infocores members is the consent you give at the moment of registration via electronic signature; as well as compliance with a legal obligation applicable to  CORES, based on Law 34/1998,  Royal Decree 1716/2004 and its associated legislation (especially Order ITC/3283/2005, of the 11th October and the Resolutions of 29th May 2007 and 15th December 2008, of the General Directorate of Energy and Mining Policy), in relation to the obligations for the sending of information and the submission of documentation to CORES which the aforementioned legislation imposes on your company and the correlative duty of CORES to ensure compliance with the said obligations, as well as any others which the aforementioned legislation may impose on your company, and which will be under the control of the Corporation; and in all events, the legitimate interest of CORES in ensuring that the said obligations for the submission of information and documentation, as well as the maintenance of relations with your company deriving from the aforementioned legislation, are complied with by the individual who is the accredited representative of the said company or in dealings with the latter.
  • In addition, in the case of the processing of personal data of the representatives of the companies with which CORES has formalized an assignment contract for additional days of strategic stocks, the legal basis for the processing is the execution of the said contract.
  • The processing of this personal data is, as such, required by CORES for the purposes explained, and if it is not provided, the Corporation will be unable to contact you or send out the subscriptions requested; and in the case of Infocores, you will be unable to act as the representative of your company for the purposes of complying with the obligations deriving from the aforementioned legislation; or for the purposes of the execution of the assignment contract for extra days of strategic stocks.
  • The personal data processed by CORES will be exclusively used for the purposes indicated above, and will only be kept for the time necessary for the reasons for which it has been collected, after which it will be deleted (for example in the case of the subscriptions service it will be kept until you cancel your registration). In no event will it be conserved for longer periods of time than those stipulated under the legislation relating to the purposes for which it has been processed.
  • We would inform users with read-only access and those for whom another legal representative has been registered with Infocores, that their personal data has been obtained from a representative of their company registered with Infocores, and that the category of personal data which CORES will process is that used for identification. Likewise, we inform such read-only users that CORES has taken as granted their consent to the treatment of their personal data through the action of entering the Infocores site with their electronic signature certificate and accessing the information available to their company on the said website.
  • With the exception of the communication of personal data to any possible data processing managers, in other words the persons or entities who may process the data on behalf of CORES (for example the webmaster), and to internal CORES personnel duly authorized for their access and processing, personal data will not be passed on to any third parties, except in compliance with applicable legislation, or by an order from a judicial or administrative authority. CORES will not transmit personal data internationally and will not make automated decisions or produce profiles based on personal data.

5.3. Information on your rights and how to exercise them

You have the right to access your personal data, request its portability, rectification, limitation or erasure, oppose its processing as applicable, or withdraw your consent all within the terms of the Law and free of charge, in writing via E-mail. For identification purposes you should include a copy of your DNI (National ID document) or passport. All interested parties may likewise present a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (C/ Jorge Juan No. 6, Madrid 28001,


These terms and conditions will be governed by Spanish legislation and, provided no other legal forum takes precedence, all related disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the City of Madrid.

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