Corporación de Reservas
de Productos Petrolíferos

Public Law Corporation
under the aegis of the
Ministry for the
Ecological Transition and
the Demographic Challenge

Control of diversification

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Within the scope of security of supply, CORES contributes to ensuring appropriate diversification of the natural gas supplies in Spain. It controls supplies to make sure that no more than 50% come from a single country of origin, in accordance with current legal limits. 

If more than 50% of the total yearly supply of natural gas destined for domestic consumption comes from a single country of origin, the shippers with a market share of over 7% of the annual supply must diversify their portfolios, so that the amount of their supplies coming from the main domestic market supplier is less than 50%. 

Thus, under Article 3 of the Royal Decree 1716/2004, corresponds to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge to develop the conditions for the fulfilment of the obligation to diversify in response to market conditions and may exempt from liability to certain types transaction.  Provisioning rates could be modify upward or downward, depending on the evolution of international markets for natural gas.

For purposes of diversification, only the gas incorporated into the system to service the domestic market in facilities that have no guaranteed alternative supplies of another fuel is taken into consideration.




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