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CORES publishes several periodical reports on the hydrocarbon sector that are a recurring source of information in the industry.

The main exponents are the monthly Hydrocarbon Statistics Bulletin (HSB) and the Annual Statistical Report. These documents provide the sector’s essential figures with regard to demand, consumption, production, stocks, imports and exports and hydrocarbon prices.

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All publications are made in digital format in order to reduce carbon footprint

Latest Publications
Publication title Year Month Update Files Favorites
Monthly HSB December 2023 no. 313 Dec Feb 2024 Icono PDF Monthly HSB December 2023 no. 313 Icono Excel Monthly HSB December 2023 no. 313
Legislative Summary January 2024 (ES) Jan Feb 2024 Icono PDF Legislative Summary January 2024 (ES)
2022 Annual Statistical Report Dec Jul 2023 Icono Excel 2022 Annual Statistical Report
Corporate Presentation Jul Jul 2023 Icono PDF Corporate Presentation
2022 Activity Report Dec Jun 2023 Icono PDF 2022 Activity Report
2022 Annual Report Dec Jun 2023 Icono PDF 2022 Annual Report