Corporación de Reservas
de Productos Petrolíferos

Public Law Corporation
under the aegis of the
Ministry for the
Ecological Transition and
the Demographic Challenge

Investors' basic information

In accordance with the provisions of the Base Prospectus dated September 7th, 2017 (Official Registration Number 10813), the following documentation is available:

-   Law 34/1998, of 7 October, on the Hydrocarbon Sector. (BOE 241 of 8/10/1998)

-   Royal Decree 1716/2004, of 23 July, which regulates the obligation to maintain minimum security stocks, the diversification of the natural gas supply and the Corporación de Reservas Estratégicas de Productos Petrolíferos. (BOE 206 of 26/08/2004)

-   Articles of Association of CORES (Annex IV to Royal Decree 1716/2004 of 23rd July)

-   Financial Statements and Directors' Report 2015

-   Financial Statements and Directors' Report 2016

-   Base Prospectus

-   Supplement to the Base Prospectus

-   Final Terms

In the event of a discrepancy, the Spanish-language version prevails.



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