Due to its characteristics, the Corporation is not included within the Spanish Law 11/2018 which requires certain companies to publish non-financial information to understand the evolution, results, situation and impact on the environment.

However, CORES’ Board of Directors voluntarily makes a commitment to sustainable social responsible management of its activities, with respect to environmental and social issues, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption and bribery. It is also related to the equal treatment and opportunities principle between women and men, non-discrimination and inclusion of people with disabilities and universal accessibility.

In fact, the CORES’ Strategic Plan 2021-2025 includes environmental sustainability as one of its action bases. Within the Plan, sustainability actions are included, such as monitoring sustainability criteria in storage suppliers, the addition of sustainability content and indicators in publications, and the incorporation of these principles in financing.

Additionally, the Corporation has already complied with various regulations and recommendations on social responsibility and sustainable corporate governance.