Corporación de Reservas
de Productos Petrolíferos

Public Law Corporation
under the aegis of the
Ministry for the
Ecological Transition and
the Demographic Challenge


CORES contributes to ensuring security of supply for oil products, LPG and natural gas in Spain. Moreover, it has been the leading information resource for the hydrocarbon sector in Spain since its creation in 1995. In December 2013, CORES was appointed Central Stockholding Entity as defined in Directive 2009/119/EC.

Hydrocarbon stockholding obligations are shared between CORES and the industry. Also, CORES contributes to guaranteeing appropriate diversification in natural gas supplies in Spain, monitoring supplies to ensure that no one country of origin provides natural gas in excess of the percentage established by law. 

CORES is a non-profit Public Law Corporation under the aegis of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. Its activity is subject to private law. 

All of CORES’ members are obliged to maintain minimum security stocks and financially support CORES’ activity in an amount based on their sales in the national market.

CORES is the stockholding entity responsible for maintaining the strategic reserves of oil products and controlling oil product and natural gas industry stocks in Spain.
Spain has been a pioneer country in guaranteeing the hydrocarbon security of supply
CORES’ activities are focused on security of supply and providing information in the sector
CORES is organised in a way befitting its purpose. Its management structure includes public administration and industry representatives
All wholesale oil product and liquid petroleum gas operators and natural gas shippers in Spain are CORES members